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Il Grezzo ®

il grezzo The healthiest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the category

100% Italian unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

 Il Grezzo is naturally cloudy because it is bottled exavtly as it originally comes from the mill after the pressing of the olives. It is denser than the filtered extra virgin olive oil.

See all the qualities, the taste of the unfiltered extra virgin olive oil Il Grezzo: the healthiest olive oil

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Its consistency makes your dressing sticking to food rather than to the bottom of your dish. Scientific research shows that Il Grezzo is the healtiest choice as it contains at least 30% more polyphenols and vitamins than filtered extra virgin olive oils. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants and, together with vitamins, protect the cells from free radicals aggression.

Il Grezzo is available in:

  • glass 1 L
  • glass 0,75 L
  • glass 0,50 L
  • glass-flask 1 L
  • glass-flask 0,50 L

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il grezzo - unfiltered extra virgin olive oil italian