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Extra virgin olive oil

 Costa d'Oro interpreted the changing tastes and alimentary trends during years by providing a response to different consumers, in order to satisfy the traditional and emerging needs.

Olive oils - product line

We are proud of a unique product range, highly recognisable on the shelf: extra virgin olive oils, italian olive oil, the unfiltred, the healthly line, the organic, the flavoured, the PDO... every day directly on the tables of more than 60 countries.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra is a delicate extra virgin olive oil, with a soft and gentle taste, slightly fruity, balanced in its organoleptic features, suitable for every kind of warm and cold dish.

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olive oil - OLIVA

Pure Olive Oil

Costa d'Oro Oliva is a blend of refined olive oils and excellent extra virgin olive oils, obtained with modern processing technologies. It is very light in taste and smell, suitable for those who don't like strong tastes.

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Il Grezzo - unfiltered extra virgin oil

Il Grezzo ®
100% Italian unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

Il Grezzo is naturally cloudy because it is bottled exavtly as it originally comes from the mill after the pressing of the olives. It is denser than the filtered extra virgin olive oil. Its consistency makes your dressing sticking to food rather than to the bottom of your dish.
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omega 3-6 seeds oil

Omega 3
Selected seeds oils with omega3

Omega 3 Costa d'oro is the result of Costa d'Oro 's constat and intense research. It is a source of natural anti-oxidants(polyphenols), Vitamins (particularly vit. E) and essential fatty acids Omega 3. A selection of 5 vegetable oils for both dressing and cooking.

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fruttato - 100% italian extra virgin olive oil

100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Costa d'Oro Fruttato is a 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil naturally rich in antioxidants (polyphenols). Coming from olives squeezed in the best point of ripening, the organoleptic result is excellent.

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olivero - extra virgin olive oil Olivero
Extra Virgin Olive & Sunflower Oil

Olivero is a blend of 25% Italian extra virgin olive Oil and sunflower oil exvellent for light cooking and dressing. The presence of Italian extra virgin olive oil makes it perfect for light but tasty dressing and it is suitable for frying thanks to its high smoking point.

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organic - genuine olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic extra virgin olive oil is a product that evokes health and genuine quality. It is selected by an in-house quality control and certified by the most important control bodies. It is dedicated to those who love a particularly selective cuisine.

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flavoured oils extra virgin Gourmet Flavoured
Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Costa d'Oro presents a new line of aromatic oils: extra virgin olive oil Costa d'Oro is enriched with herbs and plants typical of the Mediterranean basin to match with all the dishes: Truffle, Basil, Chilli, Lemon

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bravo chef - frying oil

Bravo chef
Cooking & Frying Oil

Bravo Chef, the new patented blend studied by our R&D, is the ideal solution for professional cooking and frying. Its balanced composition limits the absorption more frying cycles and grants an easier digestion of the frying is a light, crispy and low caloric product.

italian landscape collection - extra virgin olive oil

Italian Landscape Collection
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Costa d'Oro is a delicate oil, with a smooth and slightly fruity taste. It is very versatile, perfect for the food service, in a wonderful and fancy packaging.

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integrale. extra virgin olive oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Integrale is a delicate extra virgin olive oil, with a soft and gentle taste, slightly fruity, balanced in its organoleptic features, suitable for every kind of warm and cold dish.

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vinacciolo - grapeseed oil

Grapeseed Oil

Costa d'Oro Vinacciolo (grapeseed oil) is light and delicate, with neutral taste, suitable for all condiments and dishes preserving their natural taste. It is recommended for consumers who need to follow a diet. Rich in essential fatty acids especially in omega 6.

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rice bran oil

Rice Bran
Rice Bran oil

Rice Bran Oil is truly "The World's Healthiest" edible oil, containing vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients and being trans fat free.

It's delicate and light, it can help lower cholesterol, fight diseases, enhance the immune system, fight free radicals and more.

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girasole- sunflower seeds oil

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is  a seed oil excellent for light cooking and dressing. It is an healthy option that does not compromise the flavour. Sunflower oil also contains lecithin,  tocopherols, carotenoids and waxes.
It is high in the essential vitamin E and low in saturated fat. 

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sansa oil

Olive Pomace Oil

Sansa is a blend composed by refined oil residue and good quality extra virgin olive oil, obtained with modern process technology. It is particularly used in the bread making and in the food industry in general for its good quality-price ratio. It can also be used in uncooked condiments.

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balsamico - balsamic vinegar of modena

Balsamic Vinegar Modena IGP

Discover the true flavor of Modena Balsamic Vinegar IGP. The perfect balance of aromas and scents is obtained through the maturation process in oak casck, giving to the Vinegar a specific wooden aroma.
The ideal quantity of cooked must gives the characteristic sweet taste and thickness.

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spray extra virgin olive oil

Extra and Balsamico

Extra virgin Olive Oil and Balsamic vinegar of Modena.

Costa d’Oro CRUET is the result of the perfect fusion of two of the top selling Costa d’Oro products:
EXTRA Costa d'Oro and BALSAMICO Costa d'Oro.

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spray extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil spray

Made from some of the best olive crops in the Mediterranean Area, this oil is versatile for its balanced and harmonious sensorial characteristics and for its predominantly intense flavour. Ideal as a condiment 'a crudo' and other recipes that require a delicate dressing.

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