il Grezzo

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The origin of taste

il Grezzo

Il Grezzo is an extra virgin olive oil and thanks to the unfiltered process remains particularly rich in polyphenols, which are natural antioxidants.

The unfiltered and less processed method, preserve the typical naturaleness of freshly-pressed olives.

It is only produced in traceable olive oil mills with 100% Italian olives, which are cold-pressed as fast as possible – that is, ideally within 24 hours since they are taken to the olive oil mill.

Formats available

Bicchiere di Bronzo 2022


Il Grezzo expresses its character when it is uncooked.

However, since high temperatures enhance its taste by limiting its bitterness and pungency, it fully unveils its aroma when paired with hot dishes.

Instead, in slow-cooked dishes, such as sauces and stews, it can unveil its fruity bouquet and the authentic aroma of freshly-cut grass, thus limiting its pungent notes.

Since it is particularly rich in polyphenols, it is extremely resistant to high temperatures.


Color: Intense bright green, persistent haziness
Aroma: Fruity, with hints of freshly-cut grass
Flavor: Full-bodied with bitter and pungent notes

Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil

For Costa d’Oro, unfiltered olive oils are the ultimate expression of olive oil.

Their intense flavor and unmistakably smooth texture offer genuine olive oils, the fragrance of which is left untouched.

They are particularly rich in polyphenols and vitamins,
and stand out for their unique nutritional profile.


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