Unfiltered Method

Unfiltered is the traditional method of our fathers…


The Unfiltered Method

Squeezed from the fresh harvest and immediately bottled without the filtering process to keep the full body texture and the increased intensity of the authentic product enhance the flavor of “mother nature” and the local traditions.

A Truer and Richer Oil. 

This olive oil is cold-pressed and then bottled without undergoing any other filtration process, thus preserving its richness and fragrance, as well as the distinctive intensity of an untouched product, which best enhances the taste of nature and takes us back to our ancestors’ traditions.

Not only is this olive oil even more full-bodied, but it is also much richer. Unfiltered olive oil has an unparalleled nutritional profile, thanks to its high content of polyphenols, which are olive oil’s natural antioxidants.


Our excellence.
Unfiltered is the traditional method of our fathers that we continuously evolve and improve, leveraging on our unique innovation skills that our consumers and clients value and recognize. The passion for authentic taste and wholesomeness of our products is our driver and we continue improving our product’s quality by professionally blending traditional practices with modern techniques.

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The Process


In order to produce a high-quality olive oil, it is very important that selected olives are pressed as fast as possible, once they are taken to the olive oil mill.

We opt for continuous pressing, in order to have a uniform olive paste that is exposed to oxygen as little as possible. Our olive oil mill specialists use both hammer crushers and disk crushers. Disk crushers are generally used to produce delicate and fragrant olive oils, while hammer crushers are more suitable for less refined olive oils.

These two different techniques – together with the cultivars used and the level of ripeness of olives – make it possible to produce olive oils with different organoleptic profiles.


During this step of the production process, olive paste is continuously mixed so as to favor olive oil drops merging.

We work at low temperatures for about 40 minutes. By avoiding temperatures exceeding 27 degrees and longer operation times, we can manage to leave organoleptic profiles and polyphenol contents untouched.


Our olive oil is left to rest for several days, before bottling it. During this period of time, tiny fragments of raw material naturally settle on the bottom, thus ensuring our product’s pureness on the surface. Settling times change depending on the size of the fragments to be separated.

Settling takes place at a controlled temperature so as to preserve olive oil’s organoleptic and sensory characteristics.

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